Tests in school... How about no?

Hello there! :-) First of all, sorry for my totally poor blogging.. I'm just so busy even if I have a vacation, and yes it's hard for me, cause these day were all about school, school and more f..... school. Next week I'm going for a "year-exam" don't know what you call it in english, haha. But it's in danish, math and chemistry I'm gonna die.. just a bit. Lol, last time I had a math exam I was like "baby just hit me one more time.." cause it hurted so much to be so confused and don't understand a shit. Of course I hope I'm better this year! But yeah.. school is over my head right now, it's too much. And besides tests we have some assignments for.... oh gosh, I'm still alive but I'm can barely breathing or something!! I have to do a math delivery now so hejhej... and I feel so bad about it HAHAHA.. someone kill math before it leggs egg.. 


  1. Hej med dig :)
    Tak for din kommentar på min blog.
    Du spurgte om vi skulle følges og det vil jeg rigtig gerne :).

    Knus Victoria.

  2. Great blog! i'm following you:) hope your follow

  3. Thank you so much Patricia :-)! And yes I would like to follow you back (:

  4. Wow, love the painting at the bottom!


  5. thank you and I like those pictures too :D!

  6. Haha, hader tests, især i matematik!
    - Vildt flotte billeder!


    1. vidste ikke lige hvad det hed på engelsk du ved terminsprøve HAHA! dx
      - Tak!