I have alot and nothing to say so I will pick something between and I will call it recreation.
Most of the time I sleep and when I am not sleeping I am eating, what a blessing or what?
I am graduating next year, hallaaa for me. Me oh my, I am so old, like holy moly macaroni.
I don't have OCD, random fact outta nowhere what can I say every day is a fairy day, nah jk
This is the end I am gonna show you some awesome pictures tho, that are mine and some that
I have edited... cuz they needed it. Now I am off to continue doing nothing, hah. SUÊ'S OUT.

Bueno : Simplicity : Hygge

Study, Gym, Eat, Repeat. That pretty much sums up my life these days. Yea.. work work work, hah.
Anyhow this semester is more complicated than the last one, and people tells me that 3. semester is
the hardest in this education. What does that even mean, I feel this one is the hardest! Ok my 1. sem
was also rough, maybe hard stuff is easy to me and so on. The gym is where I relax my mind and
damn yes, it feels so good to take over and have some control, 4 days at the gym nice. Omg, my
friend just had her first baby boy, he is so adorable! Its funny everyone is either preggo or planing on
getting preggo, and then you have me sitting here wondering how to fix my matlab problems, haha.
No need to rush or anything, joe! I found some of my best photographs from recently. PEACE OUT.